We Focus onEntrepreneurshipInnovationCollaborationto Build Communities.


    We empower entrepreneurs and support them get access to funds, network, market, expertise, and other resources, by providing a platform for them to outsource solutions for the common challenges.


    Innovation is at the center of solving any problem, using tools like Design Thinking and Lean Development we help young innovators plan, create, launch, prototype and test solutions that can solve some of the most pressing issues facing our society.


    Our space is designed to foster collaboration, creative garden, canteen lounge, co-working offices and other shared spaces that aim to get teams and indivutals to work together on tasks and projects.

    What We Create

    We offer services to help entrepreneurs, startups, innovators in leaping ahead and we have custom made solutions for private sector development.

    Co-working Space

    Hassle free co-working space for small business and creative or digital nomads to settle, get work done, establish credebility all while saving money and networking with one another.

    Startup Events

    Building vibrant startup communities through startup events, gatherings and meetups for them to exchange ideas, inisghts and find inspirations.

    Startup Accaleartion & Incubation

    We run accelerator and incubation programs for starups to help them improve their products, enter new market, validate their ideas and build sustainable ventures.


    Our crowdfunding platform supports startups and social entrepreneurs raise funds from their communities as an alternative way to finance their projects.

    Events, Trainings & Meetings Space

    We have corporate confrence rooms, well euqiped training and events halls all for clients to host their events, meetings, gatherings o trainings.

    Business Consultancy

    For SME's and Startups that are willing to improve their business in certain areas like marketing, financials, strategy and or finding funds.




    When your main objective is collaboration, things get done more quickly, more efficiently and at a higher standard. Work and grow alongside the best entrepreneurs in Hargeisa, either through the co-working environment, or through HarHub’s training and events. Share your cause or business goal and there will always be an ear to listen and support your goals.

    Our Skills

    Our global network of specialists are here to help advance the HarHub community. Through focused and consistent access to training, HarHub’s members move from idea to action. Together.

    Business Planning90%
    Access to Financing70%
    Graphic Design60%
    Social Media & Marketing80%
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