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    Work and grow alongside the best entrepreneurs in Hargeisa


    Hargeisa’s newest and most technologically-advanced event space


    Membership options allow entrepreneurs to access a dedicated community


    Training on anything... from media to planning to financing


    Acceleration programs for investment, mentorship, training, education, demos


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    HarHub members have the space and the resources to grow

    Our Strengths

    Our employees are our greatest strength. In the face of today's challenges, the skills and commitment of HarHub's employees are the energy that drives the Hub.

    We have a very strong Network in Hargeisa. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and local partners, we are able to assist our members with all aspects starting a business.
    We invest in our people and really take the time to understand what makes them tick. Our members benefit from experienced individuals who know what they are really talking about.
    The support we provide at HarHub is second to none. Our support system gives members every chance of succeeding, whatever sector they wish to pursue.
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