The support System for Entrepreneurs and Innovators. From Idea to Action. Together.

    We create and provide the space for innovators to grow, co-create and co-outsource solutions for most pressing social challenges through entrepreneurship.

    Sharing ideas/knowledge supports both entrepreneurs & experienced executives.

    Training and development ensures that every business achieves its full potential.

    There are no limits here. Dream big and work hard... this is your community.

    Incubated Startups

    SOOGI Foods packages locally harvested crops to encourage local farmers and production.

    Soogi has leveraged the knowledge and funding they have obtained from HarHub's accelerator program doubling their production.

    More production has resulted in more market share for SOGI Foods, reaching new clients to retail their products to consumers. This expansion has created new jobs. 


    Imagine the world you want to live in, then work each day to make that dream a reality, this is what we believe at Harhub Now let us help by providing the tools and the know-how you need to flourish.




    When your main objective is collaboration, things get done more quickly, more efficiently and at a higher standard. Work and grow alongside the best entrepreneurs in Hargeisa, either through the co-working environment, or through HarHub’s training and events. Share your cause or business goal and there will always be an ear to listen and support your goals.

    Our Skills

    Our global network of specialists are here to help advance the HarHub community. Through focused and consistent access to training, HarHub’s members move from idea to action. Together.

    Business Planning90%
    Access to Financing70%
    Graphic Design60%
    Social Media & Marketing80%

    Our Facilities

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