About HarHub


    To be a hub for business-and people-driven impact in Somali-speaking regions and beyond.


    To build an entrepreneurial community and co-working space and create solutions for an co-working space and create solutions for an


    Why do we feel different? We have a flexible mentality... We embrace creativity.

    Our Story

    After realizing that the unemployment rate among those under 30 in Somaliland, who comprise 70% of the population, is 67% we have decided to identify ways we can help young people access opportunities and create jobs for the one another, Now we have programs and services tailored that allow young innovators and entrepreneurs to create, build, scale and sustain social ventures that tackle the communities most pressing issues such as unemployment.

    Meet Our Team

    She was bouncing away, when a cry from the two women, who had turned
    towards the bed, caused her to look round.
    Deqa Aden
    Deqa AdenHarHub Manager
    Social entrepreneur and development specialist with over 8 years of experience
    Ridwan Tukale
    Ridwan TukaleCommunications & Community
    Communication specialist, digital marketing and an entrepreneur.
    Naema Adam
    Naema AdamAdmin & Finance
    Admin and Finance expert with demonstrated experience in non-profit financing.
    Mohamoud Mohamed
    Mohamoud MohamedCreative Director
    An Investment and business development specialist with 12 years expeirence in grants and investments management.
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