About HarHub

     HarHub Business Incubation is the first incubation in Somaliland/Somalia and is designed to empower entrepreneurs, freelancers, Job seekers and digital nomads with safe, secure, cool, and work-oriented space to foster startups growth and sustainability. HarHub was established in 2018 to support early-stage startups to grow and expand through unique services.

    Harhub Entrepreneurship and Incubation programs aim to help youth to launch their business ideas through providing them appropriate entrepreneurship training, Incubation Services, Mentorship, Coaching, Technical assistance to become self-employed.


    To be a hub for business-and people-driven impact in Somali-speaking regions and beyond.


    To build an entrepreneurial community, Business Incubation and create solutions for an Ecosystem that works for all


    Why do we feel different? We have a flexible mentality... We embrace creativity.

    Our Story

    After realizing that the unemployment rate among those under 30 in Somaliland, who comprise 70% of the population, is 67% we have decided to identify ways we can help young people access opportunities and create jobs for the one another, Now we have programs and services tailored that allow young innovators and entrepreneurs to create, build, scale and sustain social ventures that tackle the communities most pressing issues such as unemployment.

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