HarHub accelerator program is an innovative program designed to support promising early-stage startups to grow, expand and get into new markets. The program aims to accelerate all kinds of innovative business but will give special consideration to businesses in agriculture, livestock, energy, and technology that are tackling social issues within their respective communities and markets.

    Accepted startups will take part in a 4 week accelerator program training and will be able to access mentorship and coaching from market leaders and experts. Participants of the accelerator program will get access to finance and networking with other entrepreneurs and investors.


    • 4 week business training.
    • Holistic Coaching and Mentorship
    • Access to industry leaders and experts from across the country
    • Supportive community of leading entrepreneurs
    • Invitation to the alumni network of successful entrepreneurs
    • Crowdfunding opportunity to raise money from family and friends
    • Equity investment between $1,000 to $8,000
    • 3 months of post virtual mentoring and coaching.
    • Media publicity and visibility through our social media pages, websites, our crowdfunding platform and partner media.

    Harhub will equip you with all the tools you'll need to start, run, lead and launch your business.

    Join our accelerator program for early-stage startups. You start the program with at least an early prototype and leave ready to receive investment.


    Accelerator Program Process


    Durdur Onion Production

    Aragsan Organics Story

    My name is Asia Mahmud Ahmed, the founder of Aragsan Organics that produces organic oil and creams.  Firstly, I have heard Harhub advertisement on Social media in particular Facebook. After I applied its program, I was one of the shortlisted candidates.

    Later on, Harhub provided us Entrepreneurship trainings. After the training was completed, I succeed to be one of the business innovative youth whose business ideas were taken and awarded Equity investment. Soon after I won the investment award, I bought all the machines I needed and my business became improved. 

    My business locates at Calaamadda village In Hargeisa. Big change has come to my life, before I was not trained and invested, I was jobless person, but After Harhub awarded me the Equity investment, I became a business woman and also contributed to the society and I created jobs to other 3 youth who works with me now.

    COVID-19, had an impact to our business since there was no movement at all. Due to the global disaster, we thought about a better way to survive and we promoted our business through social media and motto delivery system that we deliver our customers to their places.

    One of the main challenges youths faced is lack of access to financing, but recently Harhub stands to break the bridge and make easy for the innovative youth to change their business ideas into action by filling the gab through trainings and investments; therefore, I would like to call to the rest of youth not to be afraid to perform the business ideas they have within their minds and be connected to Harhub, where they can get an important trainings and investment opportunities as well.

    Afri-Tech Story

    Masno Limestone Production

    Koosaar Sports Academy

    Harhub Innovative Program

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